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Tax Planning

The business and tax landscapes have been altered. The pace and complexity of the changes continues to increase. We can help you navigate the changing landscape.

Strategic, streamlined advice all year long

Traditionally, tax professionals look in the rear-view mirror. They focus on finding the most deductions and write-offs, with April 30th as the end goal, but what if everything you did leading up to that day could generate bigger tax savings and put you in a stronger overall financial position?

That’s what our unique forward-thinking approach is all about. Our experienced team of professionals will not only provide you with strategic advice on your taxes, we will also guide you in your investment decisions, retirement needs, education planning and more.

It all starts with a customized plan based on your specific goals.

Areas of Expertise

Tax Reduction Strategies

  •  Personal
  •  Corporate
  •  Estate

Asset Protection

  •  Protect your Family
  •  Protect your Business
  •  Protect your Estate

Wealth Transfer

  • Reduce/Eliminate Tax
  • Ensure Assets stay within family bloodlines
  • Control from beyond the grave

Our Services


  •  Personal tax planning and advisor services
  •  Owner- manager tax planning and advisor services
  •  Investment and Retirement planning
  •  Personal, trust and partnership tax compliance

Corporate Planning

  •  Tax planning and structuring to minimize taxes
  •  Advice on the tax implications of proposed transactions
  •  Audit defense and assistance with negotiations, and correspondence with federal and provincial tax authorities

Trust & Estate Planning

  •  Income tax planning
  •  Structuring estate freezes
  •  Assisting with settling family trusts.
  •  Charitable gift planning.

Succession Planning

  •  Tax planning and advisory services
  •  Business valuation
  •  Retirement planning
  •  Business Succession planning