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Insurance Solutions

You Can Prepare for the Unexpected

It’s not what we have in life, but who we have that matters. Protect the people you care about most with easy-to-understand insurance options that offer peace of mind and put precious time back where it belongs – in your hands. 

Our experience advisors will help you:

  • Identify the areas of risk in your financial plan
  • Evaluate the probabilities and the implications
  • Assess the ways to mitigate or avoid risks
  • Identify the most effective insurance solutions

We will work with you to put the right safeguards in place to protect what matters to you. There are two main types of insurance that help achieve you and your families financial goals. Life insurance and health insurance.


Choose the travel plan that’s right for you. Get help covering unexpected travel expenses. Get help with medical expenses when studying away from home, or  help cover emergency medical expenses while visiting Canada.



Flexcare® health and dental insurance plan or FollowMe® Health individual insurance plans are ideal for individuals and small businesses, offering flexibility and choice when group benefits come to an end. 


Life Insurance

Life insurance can protect the financial security of the people you love by potentially giving them a tax-free payment after you die. The amount and type of coverage you choose will depend on your circumstances and needs.

Term Insurance

  • Term life insurance is simple and affordable, providing a fixed amount of insurance for a specific period of time
  • In the event of your death, the policy pays a tax-free benefit, to your beneficiaries
  • Term life provides temporary protection you can customize to meet your changing needs

Permanent Insurance

  • Permanent life insurance is often called whole life insurance because it covers you for your whole life
  • Permanent insurance costs are usually guaranteed not to increase from the time you first buy the policy.
  • Some permanent insurance plans let you pay for a limited time and then you don't have to pay any more.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is personal insurance coverage that protects your savings from the many healthcare costs not covered by government plans. There are 4 different types of health insurance products that provide the protection you need at each stage in life.

Personal health insurance

  • Personal health insurance provides coverage for health expenses not covered by your provincial plan.
  • You choose the plan with the health benefits that best suit your personal drug, dental and supplementary health and wellness needs.

Critical illness insurance

  • Critical illness insurance helps pay the costs associated with surviving a life-altering illness.
  • If you suffer a covered illness, once the waiting period expires, you’ll receive a cash payment that’s yours to spend any way you wish.

Long term care insurance

  • Long term care insurance helps cover the cost when you require substantial assistance from others due to your diminished physical or mental abilities.
  • It can help protect your retirement plans and make it easier to choose the care you want when you need it most.

Disability insurance

  • Disability Insurance helps protect your income if you become disabled and can’t work.
  • A few different types of disability insurance coverage options are available.