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Investing Is Complex

Our portfolio management team looks at ratios, profit margins, business plans, and the latest news, pouring over the tiniest details to find an edge.

Our Investment Philosophy

  1. Diversify across different asset classes. Avoid putting all your money in real estate, stocks, bonds or and single investment class.
  2. Diversify within asset classes. Don’t put all your money in a favourite stock or one piece of property.
  3. Diversify across markets, countries, and currencies around the world. We live in a global economy, so don’t make the mistake of investing solely in your own country.
  4. Diversify across time. You’re never going to know the right time to buy anything. But if you keep adding to your investments systematically over months and years you reduce your risk and increase your returns over time.

Our Investment Process

Asset allocation is one of the most important elements of building your portfolio.

Analysis of Current Position

  •  Income – controllable vs uncontrollable
  •  Expenses – cash flow requirements
  •  Existing assets & liabilities
  •  Personal preferences


  •  Funding short term goals
  •  Planning for retirement
  •  Leaving a legacy
  •  Enhancing business

Risk Tolerance

  •  Investment knowledge
  •  Time horizon
  •  Ability to assume risk
  •  Willingness to accept risk

Required Rate of Return

  •  Determined through financial goals
  •  Goal-based funding
  •  Liquidity needs
  •  Tax considerations

Our Investment Services


These accounts are fee based, fully managed discretionary portfolio experience for clients. With the peace of mind that comes with having your advisor personally manage the day-to-day investment decision making process, a deeper focus can be placed other important aspects of their daily lives.

Fee Based

Premier Accounts are offered in a non-discretionary, fee-based advice replaces traditional commission trading. The fee charged is based on household assets and covers a variety of services including your advice, trading and annual account administration fees.

Masters Account

The Manulife Securities Masters Private Account Program is an investment management program that offers your clients direct access to world class Portfolio Managers who are dedicated to managing their money on an individual basis.

Transactional Account

Whether saving for retirement, a large purchase, or a child’s post-secondary education, we have investment solutions that can fit your needs.