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Oct 24th & Oct 27th: Business Owners -The new tax laws effect your corporation and not in a good way

Business Owners:  The new tax laws effect your corporation and not in a good way  

Planning Seminar Oct 24th and Oct 27th
Standard Wednesday and Saturday @ 7 and noon.  

The biggest tax changes since HST has happened and it is targeted at business owners.  Your old plan is no longer relevant and needs adjusting.  You have to December 31st 2018 to adjust your planning!

The Liberal government has made it more challenging to split active business income with a spouse or children – this makes increases your tax to get money out of your corp.  At the same time, have increased the taxation of corporations that are holding passive income from investments.

Never before has the tax you pay on your active business been affected by the investments you make corporately .  Under the new rules – financial returns on those corporate dollars erode your small business tax rate increasing tax from 13% to 26% on active business income

This is for business owners and accountants (catering to business owners) that have retained earnings within their corporation.   Real-estate investors that rent are also welcome

What you will learn:

While generating active business income

  • Multiple Tax structuring strategies that can reduce or eliminate the passive income from your corporation.  Keep you small business tax rate.
  • How to create deductions, without spending a dime, and Stop the small business grind.
  • How plan long-term to remove amounts of retained earnings from your business tax free.  Without spending a dime.

For holding companies no longer generating active business income

  • Tax structuring strategies that will eliminate the deemed distribution upon death
  • Create a cash flow plan that is guaranteed, tax efficient and can recoup all your refundable tax trapped inside the corp
  • Learn how to remove all your retained earning tax free from the business