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Oct. 18th & Oct. 20th: Guaranteed Investments that can boost returns

Do you need a guarantee for your investments but are tired of GIC rates

October 18th @ 7:00pm and October 20th @ 12:00pm

For the past decade, fixed income investors have been troubled by ultra-low interest rates.  This is great news if you are buying  a home, but challenging for those who have paid off the house and living off the interest of investments.

This seminar is for conservative investors either using GICs or low risk mutual funds.  Most appropriate for individuals planning for retirement and retirees.

What you will learn:  

  • Two guaranteed investment strategies that can increase your cash flow, lower taxes or increase your after tax returns.  Yes these are Guaranteed.
  • Investment strategies that will protect your nest egg in the market downturns – guaranteeing you don’t have to take a loss to fund your retirement.
  • How an engineered solution can offer you peace of mind and better returns than leaving it at the bank